Live 2018!

It’s nearly time to raise a glass for the 10th birthday of our first album ‘Thunderer & Excelsior’. So, as has become the tradition around this time of year, we’ll be playing a little acoustic gig at Jazz After Dark on Greek Street, Soho on the 10th August. It’s free to get in and we’ll be playing around 8pm. There’s a Facebook event page here:



A little teaser for a forthcoming film about Silvery to celebrate a decade since the release of our debut album ‘Thunderer & Excelsior’ this summer. Note: Mostly filmed on a potato between 2006-2008.

Horrors / Orders 10th Anniversary

It’s been exactly 10 years since our debut single (the still spectacular double A side ‘Horrors’ / ‘Orders’) was released on Blow Up Records (BU044) so a good opportunity to upgrade the video on YouTube. Here is the ‘remastered’ original for you to enjoy in a clarity that was absent before:

And while you’re here – have another look at the slightly let famous video for Orders. Warning: contains a moustache:

As I write this, news has come through that the Pillars Of Hercules in Soho has closed – a place Silvery used to rehearse and write during 2007 / 2008. Will be sadly missed. Stay tuned for further treats in the lead up to the 10th anniversary of the debut album ‘Thunderer & Excelsior this summer!

Jazz After Dark 2017

Thank you to those who came to see us last Friday at Jazz After Dark – an acoustic performance to celebrate 10 years since we got signed up by Blow Up Records. Probably the last existing favourite venue of ours since our first time around, we historically mix it up a little there. And as always with our gigs there, apologies to those unsuspecting diners whose meals we ruined. James and Simon daringly performed the following set list – culled from ‘Thunderer & Excelsior’ and ‘Railway Architecture’ – on the 12 string acoustic and piano:

Action Force, Orders, 1994, Animals Are Vanishing, Ropes & Sails, Warship Class, A Penny Dreadful, The Quaire Fellow, Two Halves Of The Same Boy / The Nishikado, Devil In The Detail, Star Of The Sea, Horrors, You Give A Little Love (Reprise)

New Musical Express

NME 10-06-06There’s no such thing as bad press. But there is such a thing as bad photography. Presented here for your enjoyment are some pre-debut album NME cuttings from 2005 – 2007. They should probably have been included in some earlier articles here and here. It was an unwritten rule to always have a bassist in shot and for me to have a large face. And flowers. Lots of flowers. And hair. Beautiful, sweaty stupid hair. Of course, in the World Of Silvery progress was slow. I’m not sure we managed to capitalise on these little mentions in any real way and we certainly didn’t have anyone saying ‘Nah what you wanna do now is..’ but we were happy to quietly cut them out and stick them in a scrapbook, which up until that point only had flyers, nice pictures from Fortean Times and the odd Organ review stuck in it. Ticking off all these little boxes in our minds as we went along. There were some letters page mentions too but I can’t find them. ‘Eccentric, charming and smart’ in an ideal world should’ve read ‘Dangerous, sexy and swaggering’ like it did with almost every other band at the time. But I guess that’s what made us different. Joe was very pleased that pretty much his first note played on stage with us was captured in an NME live review photo. I think at the time he thought he’d joined Queen or something. Which with hindsight is funny because within a few months we were playing our own ‘picnic by the Serpentine’ in a big top at Wireless in Hyde Park. Things were changing fast. Fast-ish.

nme-29-10-05.jpgNME 24-2-07