March 2017: This is the new blog of London band SILVERY who released 3 albums between 2008 and 2013. ‘Pieces of information you might like if things like this are the sort of thing you like’. We’ve cobbled the older material here together from our old BlogSpot page and are currently going through fixing links etc to make it all flow nicely. We make no excuses for incorrect grammar and the terrible spelling throughout. Publishing on here started in March 2017 as we approach some big 10 year anniversaries for the band. We’ve given the original dates of the postings where relevant and only minimal additional info where necessary if much has changed, or most likely, if we’ve remembered a new detail. Kind of wish it had all be re-upped in chronological order but as with these things, it’s nice to go back and add new chunks to fill in missing bits. It might all seem a bit over the top and self reverential, but it’s all a bit tongue in cheek. We hope you enjoy your visit.

A note on the font used throughout this site, which I found again from our very first website back in 2004 – which should show you the tone of most of what you’ll find within: Gilbert Theme invented the Silveryton font in 1794 whilst spending the last summer of his youth with his mother before going to university to commence further education in Philosophy and Queuing Systems near the St. Albans cathedral. Having worked in a blacking factory in Southampton docks with occasional sojourns to play the new ‘football’ down the rec, he spent his free time on those glorious sunny days locked away preparing a unique font to use during his studies. Such was the clarity and versatility of his font (named after a vision of a flying machine he saw whilst drinking in the Pine Road cemetery) it was patented by the British Army to send complex instruction into battle in Africa. Gilbert gave up any monies earned from use of his font in honour of his majesty, and sadly died of consumption penniless in the Bedlam Asylum. Our use of his invention is to bring awareness to his brave plight, and any proceeds drawn will be donated to a fund in honour of Gilbert Theme, hidden architect of the British Empire.

The cover illustration is ‘Over London By Rail’ by Gustave Dore from Blanchard Jerrold’s ‘A London Pilgrimage’ (1872) and featured on some of the earliest (and best) Silvery flyers.



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